Posting Guide

Requirements for Approval


  • A robust job description includes at least 3 specific tasks or job responsibilities (an organization description is not a job description)
  • Don’t assume applicants know what the position entails, especially when your target audience is students
  • Clear responsibilities give potential candidates an accurate understanding of the position, leading to more enthusiastic applicants and less employee turnover


  • A robust job description includes a minimum of 2 clear qualifications so applicants can assess if they are qualified (i.e., applying for the position is worth their time and the employer’s time)
  • Examples of these qualifications include prior work experience, education, technical skills or transferable skills (e.g., communication, teamwork, time management, etc.)

Tips for Reaching Today’s College Student

  • Students want to work at an inclusive organization. Follow these tips for writing an inclusive job posting 
  • Make special note of inclusive benefits (parental leave policies, partner benefits, affinity groups, etc.)
  • International students offer a global perspective and bring a unique cultural background. For more information on hiring international students, click here
  • Create accessible job postings by including headings and bullet points to separate information, making the post easier to read
  • Each position ought to have official position title rather than a buzzword-filled advertisement and/or pay rate