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2020 Career Development Network Winter Retreat

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Media and Marketing Kit

Need Help? (Superusers Directory)

Each career services office has one Handshake Superuser serving as the contact for any Handshake related issue or question.
Unit/College Name Email Phone
Athletics Jen Callinan [email protected] 651-605-1183
CSOM Molly Nord [email protected] 612-624-4338
CBS Rachel Perlin [email protected] 612-624-9717
CEHD Tina Zillhart [email protected] 612-625-3339
C&IS Sharon Heron [email protected] 612-624-9421
CLA Christie Her [email protected] 612-625-4677
CSE Michael Salazar [email protected] 612-624-5910
Dentistry Jacquelin Wieland [email protected] 612-301-9436
UMC Nan Thurston [email protected] 218-281-8557
UMD Susan Hudec [email protected] 218-726-8966
UMM Irene Maloney [email protected] 320-589-6065
UMR Jabra Kawas [email protected] 612-251-1566

Training Site for Handshake Administrators

The content on the Administrator Training Site is for staff completing high level administrative tasks on Handshake (e.g., superuser, Employer Relations staff, Directors, and student employees who review data inside of Handshake).

Contact Becky Hall ([email protected]) to access:

  • Business Policies
  • Business Processes
  • Email Templates for Communication with Students, Employers, and Faculty
  • New Employee Handshake Orientation

Listserv Sign Up

The content shared through the Handshake Users Group listserv is for staff completing high level administrative tasks on Handshake (e.g., superuser, Employer Relations staff, Directors, and student employees who review data inside of Handshake).

Contact Jess Hoarn ([email protected]) to be added to the listserv.

Newsletter for Student Facing Staff

Career Services Administration brings you the 'Handshake at the University of Minnesota' newsletter, a monthly newsletter for student-facing staff or simply staff who want to know more about Handshake from the student perspective. Each month, we’ll show you “Student how-to’s”, University-wide data pulled directly from Handshake, and share relevant behind-the-scenes information about the specific topics. 

Please send any questions about Handshake to your college/campus superuser, and any questions related to this newsletter to [email protected] .

See past editions of the newsletter

Resources for Advisors and Faculty

In this section:

Introduction to Handshake

Slidedeck: Introducing Advisors and Faculty to Handshake

Questions about Handshake should go to your college's Handshake superuser.

How Advisors and Faculty Can Promote Handshake

  • Mention Handshake when you meet with students (advising, office hours, etc). 
  • Encourage students to activate and complete their profiles.
  • Put Handshake/Career Services in your syllabus as a listed resource. Example:
  • Require students to log in and complete their profile as an assignment for class
  • Invite Career Services to talk to your classes: 

Encourage your employer contacts to connect with Handshake

Each Twin Cities college and system campus has their own career office with dedicated employer relations staff. Find your college’s contact here (

[Template] If you know the person, feel free to send them this message:

The most effective way to reach the University of Minnesota (U of M) students and alumni with information about open positions is through our no charge job, internship, and volunteer database, called Handshake. 

This site is intended for career-focused opportunities that align with the majors offered at the university, and it is the easiest way for you to reach U of M students and alumni from all 5 campuses. By using the registration link below, you can connect your organization with Handshake for your recruiting at the U of M and other universities (if desired). 

Registration Link: 

Help creating an account: Create an Employer User Account

How to add the U of M if you are already a Handshake user: School Network Management

If you have questions about navigating recruiting at the U of M, this short video will help answer some of your questions. You can also reach out to any of our employer relations and engagement staff members.


    Request a Handshake Account as an Advisor or Faculty Member

    As a UMN staff member, you can request a Handshake account in order to demostrate Handshake to students and help them navigate the platform. See the next section for instructions on requesting an account. Note that if you are an alumn, you have access to Handshake from the student view. Login by going to:

    Request a Handshake Account

    UMN staff can request Handshake accounts to post career-related events and/or to help students navigate Handshake. To do so, you will need to connect with your college/unit's Handshake superuser and let them know why you would like access to Handshake. Please note that staff do not have access to Handshake as a job search resource unless you are an alumn. Here are the steps for requesting a Handshake account:

    1. Contact your college or campus’ Handshake Superuser and request a faculty/advisor account. You will first need an admin account. If you would also like a mock student account, you can then create one linked to your admin account.
    2. You will receive login instructions via email once the Superuser creates your account.
    3. Login with your email address.
    4. Follow these steps to create a student account connected to your faculty/advisor account. This will allow you to experience Handshake as a student. *If you are a UMN alumn, you already have access to Handshake from the student side and can login using your UMN credentials:
    #misforcareer graphic